Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Through the day

I'm not a morning person, but on workdays I get up very early thanks to my human alarm clock. I prefer a rather slow start into the day. Unlike many others I don't need coffee for that start.
Coffee comes later when I am hitting the first "hole". I am lucky, it is delivered to my desk. Coffee, not the hole. The hole comes all by itself. Even if I don't drink coffee that often, I love the scent - and the rich brown color if it is made right.

These earrings by Katalina Jewelry remind me of coffee with a little milk in it.

It would be said too much if I claim to really be awake after that, but with a little luck the sun is up now and that often makes things a little easier, even if I can't sit in the open sun.
Have you noticed how people's mood changes when the sun comes out?

I bet lots of faces also light up when this sunny rose by Alatvian comes into view. What a beautiful yellow!

Noon changes into afternoon and afternoon changes into evening and if it wasn't a particularly stressful day, my time slowly comes and I start waking up. I especially like to sit outside in summer when the light slowly changes towards evening and you hardly notice it until you find yourself in that fascinating twilight that gets darker by the minute.

Ava Designs offers a beautiful pair of earrings that remind me of those summer evenings when I sit out there with my neighbor ... talking in a low voice ... not wanting to go inside.

And then there is the night, my element. I am a night owl. If there weren't neighbors to be considerate of, the night would be the time where I could do anything. I might even feel like doing the chores that are so hard for me during the day. Hm, maybe I might not. But I could cook and bake, in fact I did that before and was scolded by someone whose name shall be shrouded in mystery ;-)

This piece with a handmade lampwork bead has been set beautifully into sterling silver by Galadryl Design. I think it represents the night perfectly!

It's hard to drag myself to bed when I feel my energy is at its peak, but I know the human alarm clock will know no mercy.
And so I get ready for a brand-new day.

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faeriiidust said...

I'm a bit of a night owl, but I also seem to be able to get up early. Guess I'm one of those who doesn't need a lot of sleep! Love the "night" earrings you chose! Another great post, Cat!

galadryl said...

Very nice article. Beautiful daytime examples, love Ava's earrings. Thx for including my necklace.

ShinyAdornments said...

Nice post! Lovely choices to illustrate your story too.

mcstoneworks said...

Wow! These are all fabulous.

BeadSire said...

I love your stories Cat - great selections to accompany the story.

tjrjewellery said...

Always a pleasure to read your writings Cat!

Beautiful selections to accompany your story!

N Valentine Studio said...

LOVE that past piece!

Bonnie said...

Lovely post Cat. I need time to be civil in the morning and must have coffee asap. I do like to spend that coffee time browsing on etsy. You have showcased some beautiful items.