Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I love to look at old photos. When I was a child, we regularly got out the old shoe box and the few albums. I loved to hear the stories behind a picture, to ask who this was or where that was at, but the most important were the clothes.
Now the shoe box is here with me as are the albums for a scan project.

I wish I could show you one of my Mom's old photos from the 50s, but she is shy about it and I respect that.
She looked so great in those skirts (of which I wore one, a skirts with different flowers, proudly almost 30 years later). Or the business suits! And that gorgeous black evening dress with the lacy bodice!
Something is missing, though. There is not much jewelry and what is there, you can't really see very well. Actually I remember more of my grandmother's jewelry than of my Mom's.
So I zoomed in on a few photos to get a feeling for it and then I set out to look for similar items in the team stores.

This ring from Colla's shop reminds me a little of the rings my parents wear in the above picture. Yes, this one is open, it is silver instead of gold and has a brown onyx instead a black one, but the style is still close. Some styles are timeless.

Another timeless design is the classic pearl necklace that I have seen part of in some of the old pictures. Pearls go with the little black dress, but also look great with a tweed costume.
Two Silver Moons offers not only one and it was hard to pick a favorite example, but I finally opted for this white beauty.

As far as I know my mother didn't have pierced ears at that time anymore. From what I could see she liked to wear clips that looked like disks and I stumbled upon some that she definitely would have liked (and still would today) if they were clips. They are brought to you by 2 Belles and a Bead.

Would you believe that - although my non-existant waist long has forbidden me to wear it - I still have that flower skirt in my wardrobe ........

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galadryl said...

Love your article, Cat. Really nice. And nice examples too

mcstoneworks said...

Nice trip down memory lane. My father in law died a couple of years ago. My husband and I had to empty his home. There were tons of pictures. My husband scanned a lot of them and put them on his flickr page. One of his sisters loved the idea because she can look at the pictures now whenever she wants to.

tjrjewellery said...

Very nice Cat! I enjoyed your posting - family memories are great!

Bonnie said...

Familee photos are such a trip down memory lane. I love looking at those old black and whites of my parents and members of the generations that were already adult when I met them. We dig them out and look at them every once in a while. Scanning and posting to Flickr sounds like a great project for next winter. Thanks for sharing that idea Michelle.

faeriiidust said...

Love the story about your mom! Lovely selections to highlight it too!

RocknWow said...

That's really nice Cat. I love looking at old photos too but sadly I never do. I'll have to change that.

You did a great job of tying in the past with the present...sateam with your personal experiences.

Thank you.