Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flow it, show it ....

I was born in 1965. That means all the wild things that happened in the 60s and 70s I only experienced as a child, not really knowing what was going on in the world. I remember something very vividly, though. The hippie style, the mod style, leather vests, fringes, long hair, tie dye t-shirts, incredible color combinations, the music my older brother was listening to, old people complaining about all of that (they seemed very old to me then), and one of my favorite words even today is „psychedelic“, probably just for the sound of it.

I have always loved the musical „Hair“ and still listen to it and sing along. A while ago it even inspired me to make new pieces of jewelry.

In 1992, the second time we visited the United States, I got to see Haight-Ashbury. Although there was not much to see, I was thrilled and my imagination ran wild. But although Scott McKenzie had told the world to wear flowers in their hair in his song „San Francisco“, another favorite of mine, I didn't wear any, coward that I am!

And while writing this post, I wallow in 60s and early 70s songs on YouTube.

So, what is left of the old hippie feelings? Am I the only one getting lost in random memories from time to time? Am I the only one listening to people who actually have been there telling stories about Woodstock? Am I the only one thinking „Let it fly in the breeze and get caught in the trees“ when I am standing in front of the mirror in the morning and brush my (long) hair?

The fashion came back in parts like so many fashions do. The long straight hair fashion came back. The music has stayed and would now be filed under the category „oldies“.

If you search for the keyword hippie on Etsy, you get 24,543 hits at the moment I am writing this.

Reason enough for me to check out my SATeam members' shops and see what they got in store for you.

How about this special peace sign by la valley girly? The original peace sign was designed in 1958 by designer and artist Gerald Holtom for a march against nuclear war and after that widely adopted by organizations and finally the pop culture. Would you have known?

Cryztalvisions brings you a magnet that (to me) just cries out psychedelic. And I find even the name fits - Inward Journey. I could get lost looking into it.

This great karma circle of life bracelet is simple and yet so effective in design. Find out more about it in Maribelle Campa's shop.

Do you have your own associations with these times? Tell us about them!

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ShinyAdornments said...

Great post cat! Love the "love mobile' picture.


galadryl said...

Wonderful article, and the examples are fitting so well.

tjrjewellery said...

I have a couple of tie-dye shirts that are so worn they are now relegated to my workshop (but I refuse to get rid of them!).

Alegria Designs said...

Great article and examples!

mcstoneworks said...

Since that was the era I grew up in, it has fond memories for me.

My husband and I still go to rock concerts occasionally - Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Tom Petty, Eagles, Santana, etc. Like Kevin Kline said in The Big Chill when they asked him why he listened to old music - there is no other music. My husband calls it "geezer rock" now. Sad.

FeatheredGems said...

I was there, but like Cat I was too young at the time to understand all of it. I do remember the fashions though--tie-dye, mini skirts and maxi-dresses, fringe, and long straight hair, and love beads. I wore them all (except the mini skirts--mom said no to those...).

Erin Simonetti said...

Hey, I remember those times too! This really is a great post! The jewelry is perfect and wonderful....really does take me back!

RocknWow said...

Sex, drugs and rocknroll...I'm not quite old enough either.

My Mom and Dad saw the original cast production of Hair and I still have the album. How I'd love a head with hair...or, rather, rearrange what I've got.

I do remember some of the artist from that era...Maxx, Warhol, Crumb I think I learned to love graphics from them. Later in life I learned to appreciate people like Jasper Johns

Mich said...

Even though I was a child, I loved that era...I really wanted to be a flower child! I was also more than willing to burn a bra, had I one to burn! the fashions, the music, and still love the music! And I'm a flower child at heart!

Bonnie said...

I grew up with the pictures the attitude and most of all the music. My daughter still calls me her Hippy mother. Great memories here.